Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Christmas Post

This Christmas was the year of the book. Last year everyone got knitwear, this year it was books. Since I spend all day in the bindery anyway, this seemed like this best use of my time…. And seeing how stressed out the second years were around Christmas, I doubt I’ll have the time to make so many gifts next year. So books for everyone!!

I made a lot of photo albums. I figured they're more functional than a blank book, at least for most people. I did them all as coptics because I thought that would let them all open nice and flat, which it did.

I put spacers around each of the signatures (which were just one folio of 20 pt paper) to make room for the photos.

Do you see this paper? It came from Anthropologie - they were selling it as wrapping paper. It's actually really nice and handmade and beautiful, and I may have bought an unnecessary amount....

I also made about a million little pamphlets. I have some left over that I'm putting up in the shop.

German paper star ornaments!! Which don't have much to do with bookbinding, but....

A week before break we learned how to make boxes, so I went on a box-making kick. For really, I made eight of them!

I made a few more fun things that I haven't had the chance to give away yet, so I'll share them later (I'm talking about you, James).

I'm going to start keeping up the shop more, and hopefully posting here more. I spend all day practicing making books, and my bench is being over taken with models - it finally dawned on me that I could actually, you know, sell them. What a crazy idea!

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  1. I will see you today! Then you can tell the people about the things.