Saturday, March 12, 2011

Things in Boston

I love a lot of things about being home in PA. I love trees and open spaces and grass and not being able to hear my neighbors.

But what I love most about Boston are subways. I like Boston a lot for many reasons, but I think that subways are one of the best inventions ever.

On that note, here are some messages I found in the subway:

Also, here is one last photo of winter. We had some wet snow on a warm day a few weeks ago. It stuck to everything and was pretty.

The other day I was walking past this statue on my way yoga. Two guys stopped me and said "Hello, we are visiting from China, who is this man on the horse?" I then tried to very concisely summarize the American Revolution. Finally, my history degree came in useful!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I really want a dog. Really. Sadly, my apartment building doesn’t allow dogs, and I really love my apartment. Also, since I go home via train, I would need to find something to do with Mr. Doggie when I went home. So really it’s not a good idea right now, so for now I just oogle at the pretty puppies that are around my neighborhood.

But then last night I had a dream that I impulsively purchased a baby dachshund from the pet store. Now, I realize that buying pets on impulse and from a pet store are both very bad ideas, but my judgment was a bit impaired – I was asleep. But the dachshund was tiny…. Really really tiny, about the size of my thumb. Pretty much the cutest thing ever, and I could probably have one of them in my apartment. Could someone please invent a dog that’s the size of a hamster??

<---my Pennsylvania dog, Quinn

Now I'm going to go somewhere outside my apartment, because the hallway is being painted and it doesn't smell great.

Also, I've had cereal for breakfast and lunch today. What's for dinner?