Thursday, January 28, 2010

pamphlet stitch notebooks

I just posted these little books to my etsy:

They're simple little pamphlet stitch journals with images from old books on the covers. I love these things. Everyone I show them to loves these things. But I don't think anyone who sees this photo is going to love them. These pictures just don't do them justice, and I'm not quite sure how to fix it. Photographing objects to make them look awesome really isn't my thing. Some people can do a great job, and it also helps if you have a really dynamic object; these are basically sheets of gray paper, and, although cute, are not that visually stimulating in 2-D. I'll try re-photographing again tomorrow when it's supposed to be sunnier out - although I did take these photos in natural light, perhaps more natural light would help? But still, I'm not sure how I can make these look like a must-click-on item when people are flipping through the pages and pages of journals on etsy.... Thoughts? Suggestions? Random comments?

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  1. I totally empathize with you on this one... I've been having the same problem with my moon book; it looks good to me in real life but the subtlety just doesn't seem to come out in the photo. I don't have any solutions (more sunlight perhaps, but that isn't easy in the uk at this time of year!) but thought I could let you know you weren't alone at least :)

    The note books look like they're beautiful by the way. I love the flower designs