Monday, January 25, 2010


Hi all, and welcome to my new blog. As you may know, my last blog turned into a complete failure as I haven’t touched it for over a year. BUT, I thought that I’d try again, as I often think about things that I should blog about. Maybe I’ll be a bit more disciplined about this. Once a week, perhaps?

It’s crazy windy here today. I keep checking the weather to see if there’s a tornado watch posted because I keep thinking the apartment is going to blow away. So maybe I’m being paranoid….But really, I’m in an apartment, if there is a tornado where am I going to go? Apartments don’t have basements.

Blogs are weird, it’s like talking to yourself. In front of people. Weird.

In knitting news:

For Christmas I knitted everyone in the world (or maybe just in my life) a cowl. This means I have zero stash left (or zero stash left of nice yarn). So I pulled out of the closet this old thing that has been neglected for over a year now (much like the old blog).

My intention was to frog it, but I tried it on before I did and it’s actually kind of cute. So I’m finishing it and we’ll see what happens. I think it might end up to be a bit too tight around the bust, so hopefully something will happen there once I block it. If not then it really will be frogged.

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