Saturday, February 27, 2010

reusing newspapers

I've been decoupageing. This is something I never thought I'd do, because I thought decoupage was lame. I've discovered it's actually the kitschy things that most people make with decoupage that are lame, not the decoupage itself (well, maybe it is, I'm not really one to judge what is lame and what's not). So I made some book covers.... That I then turned into books. And I hope they aren't lame.

They're both in the shop.

I always thought this would be more of a knitting blog. I do knit quite a lot. But knitting is slow, or at least I'm a slow knitter. Three inches of new knitting a week does not make for very exciting blog fodder. Books lend themselves to more instant gratification.


  1. I declare "not lame" for as much as I know. In fact I declare it "pretty cool."

  2. I almost hurt myself laughing. I, too, have thought of decoupage as something of a "lame" art; but, you are right, I think it's just the weird cherubic thing decoupaged on jewelry boxes and whatnot that is lame (or really, weird). The book covers, not those are awesome.