Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Working (or not working) on an open book midterm. A stupid midterm that involves no upper level thinking whatsoever, just flipping through pages in the textbook to find the answer to multiple choice questions. Oh yes, this is supposed to be grad school. I’m not impressed yet, can you tell? Moving on….

Dollar and a Half cardigan (rav link). Loved knitting this, and I love the end result. Knit in Knit Picks Shine Worsted in the, um, Fedora colorway I guess? I don’t know, I finished this awhile ago and Fedora seems to be the most brown color there is. Did Knit Picks discontinue some shades? I don’t know, but as you can see, it is a very brown color. In hindsight I should have picked a wool blend, because this much cotton makes a rather heavy sweater (like as in weight, not as in warmth. Although it is warm, it’s just not light and fluffy like a wool knit). I like it though.

I have just discovered we don’t have a full length mirror here, and no one is home to take this photo for me so I am awkwardly standing on a chair in the bathroom, so bear with me on the photo quality….

Pattern is well written – went down a needle size for the lace parts though so I didn’t get poofy sleeves. My only real problem was the sleeves! So long! First time around I discovered this yarn grows significantly after blocking, so I had to rip back a whole bunch anyway to get it back to the size the pattern specified – and it’s still way too long. Look! No thumbs!

Real people do not have long enough arms for this pattern as it is written – seriously. BUT as written the sleeves are the perfect length to fold up, so I decided not to rip back again.

In other news my birthday was last week, and I got pretty flowers!

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