Sunday, August 1, 2010

squash problems

Garden update. Again. Apparently this is a gardening blog now, who knew?

So, I’m confused. I believe that I have both pattypan squash plants and butternut squash plants in my garden (yeah, I think that’s right but at this point no one can be sure).

If you don’t know, pattypans look like this:

And butternuts look like this:

And my squash looks like this:

Could they be interbreeding? Is that possible? Or could my pattypans just be weird shaped? So, they’re white like a pattypan, kind of spikey like a pattypan, and taste like a pattypan, but they’re shaped like a butternut and grew off of what I thought was a butternut plant…. Interesting….

In other news, mini red bell peppers!!


  1. squash re-creating themselves as something new- I love it!

    I have no knowledge whatsoever but I do have visions of the pollens meeting in the night.

  2. I've seen pattypan that looked a bit like that before, so if it tastes like a pattypan I'd say it probably is.

    Those mini red peppers are pretty tasty.