Thursday, March 18, 2010


I attempted to make bread the other day. I was surprised at how successful it turned out! I’m usually a miserable baker. It’s not that my baked goods turn out miserable, but baking itself makes me miserable. It’s tedious. I get bored. I have to measure things. I need to wait for things to finish baking so I can put the next round in the oven (specifically I’m talking about cookies. Baking cookies generally makes me an angry person.) Bread isn't as tedious though. Probably because halfway through you get to punch the dough, so you're no longer angry.



Looks like bread, doesn’t it?

I used these instructions.* That’s right, instructions, not recipe. You don’t really need to measure or use any specific ingredients beyond yeast, flour and water. The only thing you need to to make bread is to do general things at generally standard times and you’re set.

The first time I added oatmeal and applesauce to my bread (couldn’t taste the applesauce though….). Today I made bread with raisins, cinnamon and sugar, oatmeal, walnuts and flaxseed. Way good.

*PS, if you use these instructions to make bread, note that it keeps saying salt is optional. Salt is not optional! I didn’t use any salt my first round and it really tasted like it was missing something. Next time I added 1 teaspoon of salt and I was set. You don’t need a lot, but you do need it! Also, I did use bread flour, which I could find at the regular grocery store. I don't know if it made any difference, but I used it and it worked well.

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  1. Salt makes everything better!!

    Also, if you happen to have a stand mixer with a dough hook and want to avoid the upper body workout, you can just mix the dough in the mixer and let the machine do all that kneading stuff.

    As for the bread flour, it has a higher gluten content than other flours, which means that you'll get a chewier bread with a coarser, more open texture (think french bread). Fewer, larger bubbles in the bread. Less gluten in all purpose flour (and even less in cake flour) will give you a finer texture with many small bubbles.